Kverneland 6225

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Основные характеристики:

Новый пресс-подборщик Kverneland 6225 c постоянной камерой предназначен для обеспечения оптимальной гибкости при работе в любых условиях. Идеально сформированные тюки в сочетании с надежной работой и продолжительным сроком эксплуатации гарантируют, что покупка нового пресс-подборщика Kverneland 6225 будет прибыльным вложением.

Комбинированная конструкция камеры прессования с вальцами спереди и цепочно-планчатым механизмом сзади – это оптимальная машина для получения плотных рулонов правильной формы в любых условиях работы. Система гарантирует максимальное вращение тюка при работе как с сухими, так и с влажными материалами.


  • Подборщик шириной 2,0 - 2.2 м с небольшим диаметром барабана заборного устройства с 5 грабельными брусьями.
  • Приемный механизм с подающими вилами, роторный приемный механизм или система предварительного измельчения с 14 ножами.
  • Конструкция Drop Floor для легкого устранения забивания.
  • Камера прессования RotaMaX с вальцами и цепочно-планчатым механизмом.
  • Легкая и простая загрузка рулона с сеткой.
  • Простое и удобное управление с помощью терминала Focus.

Технические характеристики:

Диаметр тюка (м)Система подачиОбвязка
6225 F1.20 x 1.25Fork FeederСетка или двойная обвязка
6225 R1.20 x 1.25SuperFeedСетка или двойная обвязка
6225 SuperCut-141.20 x 1.25SuperCut-14Сетка или двойная обвязка


Kverneland 6225

Kverneland 6225

Kverneland 6225

Kverneland 6225






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The RotaMaX Chamber

  • The Kverneland 6250 offers a bale chamber designed with 6 rollers at the front and chain and slat at the rear part.
  • The combined solution gives excellent crop handling in all conditions with consistent, high density bales in both wet and dry material.
  • The chains and slat of the rear section give an early and 100% regular bale rotation and hence faster bale formation leading to denser core of the bale. Even in very dry crops.
  • The heavy duty rollers of the front section ensure a well-shaped bale finish and very tight bales.
  • The chains in the rear section results in less crop loss compared to a full-roller concept.
  • The tail gate has a completely enclosed design to reduce crop loss to a minimum, especially when operating in silage.

RotaMax chamber

The Kverneland 6225 bale chamber concept consists of 6 rollers at the front ...

... and chain and slat at the rear part.

The roller bearings are easily greased from the central grease bank (RF 3225 SuperCut-25).

Each roller is carried on heavy duty bearings.

Parallelogram DropFloor system for easy unblocking

  • Kverneland Drop Floor enables the operator to clear blockages easily from the tractor cab without any crop loss.
  • Drop the floor to free the rotor of blockage, engage the PTO to feed the blockage through and close the floor to continue baling


Superior Intake Performance


  • The SuperCut-25 pre-chopping system offers the ultimate solution for short chop baling with a chop length of 40mm. The short and precise chop provides dense and airtight bales for the best possible silage quality.
  • The operator can choose to engage 25, 13, 12, 6 or 0 knives, giving maximum flexibility of operation.
  • The SuperCut- 25 knives are fitted with dual action protection against foreign objects. Each knife is individually spring protected and can move in two directions.


  • The SuperCut-14 knife chopping system provides a fast and efficient flow into the baler. With a chopping length of 70 mm it is the ideal solution for producing tight bales with superb silage quality.
  • Each individual knife is spring protected against foreign obstacles. The knife will immediately return to working position once the obstacle has passed.

SuperFeed Rotor Intake for Ultimate Capacity

Truly impressive intake capacity can be achieved with the SuperFeed rotor intake system - handling all crop types with ease, whatever the conditions.

Single or Dual Fork Feeder

  • The fork feeder versions are fitted with a cost efficient fork feeder intake system. This system provides direct feed into the bale chamber, and the wide opening allows almost unrestricted intake capacity for fast and efficient bale start.
  • In addition the fork feeder gives less vibration and reduced power consumption.
  • Dual fork feeder with double feed tines ensures even higher capacity, while still safeguarding fragile crop types.

SuperCut-25 knife

SuperCut-14 rotor.

The SuperFeed rotor gives positive intake in all conditions

The ForkFeeder is provided with a crop press above the pick-up.

Focus 3 Control Terminal

Kverneland Group Mechatronics has recently launched a new operator terminal, the Focus 3. This terminal is developed for specific implement types and will only be delivered as package for those implements, together with the electronics for balers. The terminal Focus 3 is positioned in the market as an economy solution.

  • The Focus 3 terminal is easy to learn and very intuitive, with control terminal with focus on functionality and operating simplicity.
  • The Focus 3 terminal is a universal control terminal which can also be used with other implements from the Kverneland Group.
  • The Focus 3 terminal gives you full control of all functions from the tractor cab. They are shown on a large, clear digital display.
  • The Focus 3 terminal monitors and controls all necessary functions with all relevant parameters are visible at a glance.The control box is also driving the binding automatically without any intervention from the operator.

Focus 3

PowerBind Twine and Net wrapping Systems

Easy Loading

  • The very low loading height and the very easy threading of the system mean minimum downtime and maximum time baling. Storage for three rolls of net means you don’t have to worry about running out of net when the pressure is really on during long working days.

Twine Tying

  • Automatic twine tying with the fast acting double tube system means simultaneous binding of both edges of the bale, keeping binding time to a minimum. Over crossing of twines in the centre of the bale provides no loose ends at the end of the binding cycle.
  • The system is fully user programmable to make sure you make the best looking bales in all crop conditions.

New PowerBind Net Wrap

  • The New Fix chamber baler is equipped with the patented new PowerBind net wrap system. PowerBind provides positive and reliable injection of net in all crop conditions, while also eliminating potentially troublesome feed rollers.Additionally the PowerBind provides one of the fastest net wrap actions available. This means minimum downtime and maximum time baling
  • Net is fed right to the outside of the bale, with a specially widened entry channel, which also allows extra wide net types to be utilized if required.
  • The simple net wrap system allows the net to extend past the edge of the bale. The 1.30m net is wider than the baling chamber, so that the net can be pulled over the edge of the 1.20m bale. The result is consistent perfectly shaped and tightly secured bales